Sunday, March 27, 2016


Let’s be straight and truthful. Do our PM really deserves to be among world’s 50 greatest leaders? Well, being a fellow Bhutanese, I am certainly happy to hear such inclusion and be proud like any other citizens. But deep inside, I am not comfortable with this placement for reasons best known to me. It gives me a room for doubt the credibility of the FORTUNE’s assessment model.

It seems like FORTUNE has based its assessments on PM’s talk-shows such as in TED and other few international forums, where PMs has managed to thrill the audiences with his orator skills. If that’s so, there’s a structural misinterpretation of PM’s leadership quality.Keeping aside all those political scandals and his pathetic leadership role (which are in fact vast to discuss about), let me concentrate on GNH which seemed to have helped him get through to this top 50. We cannot deny the fact that our PM rubbished the idea of GNH and went on to label GNH as ‘distraction,’ soon after he assumed the role as PM in 2013. He had been described as ‘GNH skeptic’ by international media for the same reason. Then come the time when he sales his persona to the international market through the window of GNH. He put GNH at the core of every speeches in his international talks. This’s absolutely inconsistent and ridiculous.
FORTUNE reports, ‘He (PM) has also turned to more concrete goals, like harnessing the economic potential of the Himalayan nation’s hydropower.’ The fact is our PM has done more damage than good to the hydropower development of the country. After he came to power, he has not only slackened the otherwise accelerated progress of the development of hydropower of 10,000MW by 2020 envisaged by the previous government. This is attributed to his incapability and poor leadership.
Talking about environment, when current PM was the OL, he severely criticized the previous government when the previous government declared that Bhutan will remain carbon neutral. Now he proudly announced to the international community at Paris (COP21) that Bhutan will remain carbon neutral for all time to come and he went further by pledging that Bhutan will absorbed three times the carbon it emits. The latter is much more difficult to achieve than the first one. What’s this?
Let alone the new idea, PM and his government have failed to keep up the already planned policies and initiations. The bottom line is PM’s action/leadership pose a serious challenge to the intelligence of the Bhutanese citizens.
This is not to malign our PM but truth must be told. Anything misrepresented or omitted, I will be happy to discuss about. Thank you all!

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