Sunday, March 27, 2016


Let’s be straight and truthful. Do our PM really deserves to be among world’s 50 greatest leaders? Well, being a fellow Bhutanese, I am certainly happy to hear such inclusion and be proud like any other citizens. But deep inside, I am not comfortable with this placement for reasons best known to me. It gives me a room for doubt the credibility of the FORTUNE’s assessment model.

It seems like FORTUNE has based its assessments on PM’s talk-shows such as in TED and other few international forums, where PMs has managed to thrill the audiences with his orator skills. If that’s so, there’s a structural misinterpretation of PM’s leadership quality.Keeping aside all those political scandals and his pathetic leadership role (which are in fact vast to discuss about), let me concentrate on GNH which seemed to have helped him get through to this top 50. We cannot deny the fact that our PM rubbished the idea of GNH and went on to label GNH as ‘distraction,’ soon after he assumed the role as PM in 2013. He had been described as ‘GNH skeptic’ by international media for the same reason. Then come the time when he sales his persona to the international market through the window of GNH. He put GNH at the core of every speeches in his international talks. This’s absolutely inconsistent and ridiculous.
FORTUNE reports, ‘He (PM) has also turned to more concrete goals, like harnessing the economic potential of the Himalayan nation’s hydropower.’ The fact is our PM has done more damage than good to the hydropower development of the country. After he came to power, he has not only slackened the otherwise accelerated progress of the development of hydropower of 10,000MW by 2020 envisaged by the previous government. This is attributed to his incapability and poor leadership.
Talking about environment, when current PM was the OL, he severely criticized the previous government when the previous government declared that Bhutan will remain carbon neutral. Now he proudly announced to the international community at Paris (COP21) that Bhutan will remain carbon neutral for all time to come and he went further by pledging that Bhutan will absorbed three times the carbon it emits. The latter is much more difficult to achieve than the first one. What’s this?
Let alone the new idea, PM and his government have failed to keep up the already planned policies and initiations. The bottom line is PM’s action/leadership pose a serious challenge to the intelligence of the Bhutanese citizens.
This is not to malign our PM but truth must be told. Anything misrepresented or omitted, I will be happy to discuss about. Thank you all!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

PDP govt dance to the tune of powerful Quarry site owner

The much-talked about Punatsangchhu project’s ballooning costs is fated to push further by billions of ngulturms with the government taking the decision to return the Takshasili quarry sites to the owners in haste. The govt’s move came following a threat by the mafia-like influential owner of quarry sites to either pay the demanded ‘ransom’ or face the drawn-out legal battle. The decision is basically flawed in every sense of logic and reasoning.

Government is pliable and submissive when it comes to deal with unsated influential and powerful people while it’s dealt with an iron fist in case with the poor farmers. In the name of ‘national interest,’ the ancestral lands belonging to hundreds of farmers were taken away under compulsory force with little or no room of negotiation and with the dictated terms of compensation. If the farmers threat the govt with legal battle, I don’t think government would dance on the same tune.

Millions of cubic meter of high-quality quarry products are required for the mega project. As per a reliable source, not all quarry sites from within the reach of project sites are able to meet the required specification except the one that belong to the private owner. Every minute distance of quarry sites from the project site would add up cost exponentially and that’s why it can’t be extracted from distance afar. By this token, govt’s idea of procuring quarry products from ‘open market’ is indeed misleading.  It’s likely that the private owner would enjoy the monopoly of supply of quarry products which may weigh heavy on the project cost.

At times, it appears to me that all this drama of hassle and tussle is a deliberate attempt to eye-wash the general public. After all, there’s no denying that the owner of Quarry Company is the steward of PDP. For now, only god knows what’s going on within the close circuit of party networks.    


Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dasho Benji's comment that DPT 'rob the country blind' is quite unique in the sense that no other people of his calibre have ever commented critical and fallacy such as this in black and white. As any democratic nation would do, it’s natural for DPT to defend what’s not correct. When asked for an apology, Benji went further to label DPT as seditious political party and intensify attack on DPT with all those nonsense allegations. The attack in truest sense is not against DPT but the 45% of the voter population who believe in DPT. All that supporters wished for is a clean judicial proceedings and an appropriate punishment against Benji for sowing the discord in the society.    

However, to the rude shock of many supporters, DPT has withdrawn libel suit against Dasho Benji for no apparent reasons. Although true motive for such move cannot be understood, people are upset not because DPT has withdrawn the case but the mere fact that the withdrawal of case would simply imply acceptance of allegations that were labelled against it by Dasho Benji. By this token, it's a cause of concern for many supporters and wonder if DPT could stand to its true cause for justice, clean democracy, equality and independence.

If DPT care for what it has been caused so far, the supporters deserve an unprejudiced explanation what has triggered to arrive at such unexpected decision to withdraw the case.

Friday, May 30, 2014

All Government Endeavored is to Service Themselves?

We have economic crisis and huge national debt but the leaders don’t seem to mind to snatch away the already scarce resources to pay for themselves and their subjects (civil servants). The pay hike including house rent allowances would cost the govt of about Nu. 1790 million annually. I say it's Nu. 1790,000,000.00 the amount which can feed the entire population for about two-three months. Although certain pay hike was justifiable but what we see is huge pay raise including house rent amid economic crisis. With increasing desire of civil servants and the way how the pay hike of civil servants is patronized by the political party, we have a reason to worry how the country would fare in the long run. 

The domestic revenue that the country earns is barely enough to feed our civil servants and political masters. It appears like what the country endeavored to prosper is only to service the service providers(govt). What has trickled down to the people is meagre. The biggest share of the people’s money still retains within bureaucrats and elected officials. With ever increasing current expenditures, Bhutan’s dream of self reliant would be a thing of impossibility.       

Such a move for the fat pay raise is not in line with the govt’s propagandistic austerity measures. As I understand now, all the govt did with austerity measures were for their own benefits. What a shame! After the PDP took over the charge of government, the cabinet has declared that they will not hike their pay packages. Now will the cabinet take back their words? I am bit confused. Isn’t it a case of cheating?

Parliamentarians have, with not much to say, endorsed the pay hike as recommended by the Pay Commission apparently because they have the most salary increase.

The most unfortunate people who would be bearing the consequences are the poor farmers and the private employees. It’s highly likely that the economic situation would be further aggravated. With more purchasing power and more money in the market, it’s destined to pressure on the INR.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Gist of the Mistaken View of Tobacco Ban

1. Who're the people earnestly propagating for the lift of ban of tobacco?
Ans: From among only two categories of people, Smokers and Non-smokers, it’s logical to simply believe that those are smokers who are behind this move.

2. Everyone is talking as if tobacco is prohibited/banned completely in Bhutan. Are smokers not allowed to use tobacco products in the country?
Ans: No, there's no as such ban. It's just that sale of tobacco is prohibited. Smokers can smoke/chew to their heart's content by purchasing through proper channel. Nobody trespassed their private matter.

3. Is the ban meant to demean tobacco abusers? Who're benefiting from the ban of tobacco sale?
Ans: The ban is nothing to do with smokers. It's for the larger section of the society especially the younger generations who could keep these substances at bay. The endangerment of lives through use of tobacco would be reduced.

4. Then who the hell are the smokers poking their nose? What's the main motive behind smokers making hue & cry over ban of tobacco?
Ans: Because they cannot move their ass to get the tobacco products through legitimate means. They barked because they are too lazy to bring in the tobacco products through proper procedures.

6. When everything is obvious, why National Council is with heavy hand to lift the ban? Can the nation afford to stoop too low to these smokers at their own fancy at the cost of society?
Ans: Most local leaders are against the NC’s move to lift the ban. It’s only logical to conclude that NC acted for the sake of smokers’ sentiments. The other probable reason could be because most NC members are smokers themselves and couldn’t think from the lens of non-smokers.

7. One of the reason cited for lift of ban of tobacco as per NC is because of smuggling rampant. How true is it?  
Ans: I am a non smoker and believe me I didn't see or heard  any sort of smuggling cases anywhere on my own. I don't know where one can get the banned substances as claimed by some. I am sure many younger generations wouldn't have easy access to these substances. I am certain that such perception is pertinent from the lens of abusers who have link with smugglers. It's apparent that NC went on with the decision to lift the ban based on the perception of smokers. I would agree that smuggling could be prevalent but that shouldn't have been the reason to ban the lift of tobacco altogether.

8. NC has already endorsed for the lift of ban. Do you think NA would obstruct the NC's move?
Ans: Probably not because the Prime Minister has been the chief objector to Tobacco ban when almost 96% of the erstwhile NA and 100% NC voted in favour of tobacco ban and more so because PM himself is chronic smoker. In any case, we could expect less from these ruling government because they have proven beyond doubt that they do no posses required competence. At the end, I bet, smokers will be the winners. No one can dispute this fact.       

NB: I am a victim of persistent exposure to someone's irresponsible smoking who seemed less bothered to think that he's endangering my life and others around him. So take this issue as something of my business should any viewer think of such.

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Response to the Responders of OL’s Statement on PM’s Recent Malicious Comments

If I may add, let's be clear that in a democratic setup, 'speaking out' is a crucial element not only to keep the government under check and balance but also instill sense of ownership  to the people. Complacency is the greatest enemy of democracy. We cannot progress by letting someone to act at his/her whims. The OL's uncommon statement (in fact first of its kind comment) is mere a clarification. In fact, what Opposition did in response to the govt's action is extremely inadequate.

If you are up-to-date of the happenings, you must be aware of how this government is excessively putting the nation into a risky state. Without an iota of doubt, this government is proving anything but competent. The comments such as the one made by no other than Prime Minister of Bhutan is an indication how Bhutan has become vulnerable in the hands of present government. Irrespective of how the govt wronged, some people have become accustomed to construing anything pointed against the government as ‘politically motivated’ or something like ‘revenge’ while some people act smart under the guise of neutrality.

I shall like to believe that under normal condition, though the govt has absolute executive power, to cancel planned activity right away by Prime Minister without justifiable reason such as the one in Bumthang could be difficult. But from what we have witnessed so far, it makes sense to believe that this govt can do anything irrational. Pema Gatshel Dzong construction which was already initiated was left to suffer under the guise of fund constraint while Sarbang Dzong Construction which was nowhere in picture in recent time has been proposed to construct by this new government. I’d like to again relate  govt’s irresponsibility to that of PM’s visit to eastern Bhutan; When PM visited all Dzongkhag of Eastern Bhutan, he has deliberately ignored (as I now understood) Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag, the stronghold of DPT supporter and the Dzongkhag of former PM.
My recent customized poll in face book shows that 73% of the people who have voted strongly agreed for govt to step down while only 13% has disagreed with the idea. I think it’s definitely a cause of concern for the country. In this time of uncertainty, I can only say that we should be prepared for the worst if complacent is our choice.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The rudiments of haves and have-nots in Bhutan

The most notorious of all who's responsible for widening the gap between rich and the poor is the inadequate fiscal and taxing policies in the country. Civil servants or corporate employees contribute a decent share of his/her meagre salary as Personal Income Tax to the government but the businessmen who earn in millions don't have to pay even a single ngultrum as PIT because they could make it fool proof. On the pretext of 'illiterate,' their business income is also grossly manipulated by hiding their true account of business. It's generally accepted norms that the tax on Business are levied based on the visual inspection and approximation of physical stocks at that point of time which are mostly undervalued/manipulated (with exception of few cases).

The other notorious factor responsible for income disparity is the govt's policy of going soft (with less tax) with the so called 'small' business group. The government's strategic idea that business ventures would grow by giving them tax holiday is making the situation worst unintentionally.
What we see as consequences of above facts is that while people working on salary could hardly make their ends met, many businessmen could afford luxurious life with expensive cars, furniture and other properties. Therefore, it’s sensible to simply believe that we needed to revisit the whole system before it goes out of control.